8.0 Credits

The Spring Government Workshop is ideal for practitioners with governmental clients and those working for governmental entities.

Look at the GASB standards effective this year, including GASB 100, Accounting Changes and Error Corrections, and GASB 101, Compensated Absences, using practical applications of the topics in the form of case studies. 

Review the GASB standards coming down the pike, including significant projects of the GASB. When considering the audit side of the house, Yellow Book and Single Audit engagements are considered must-select engagements for peer review. Cover the Yellow Book independence requirements required any time an auditor performs a Yellow Book or Single Audit, even when the engagement is for a for-profit entity. 

Examine the changes to the Uniform Guidance with a look at the key changes in the 2024 Compliance Supplement and the common deficiencies identified by the federal agencies and peer reviewers.


• Recall the impact of recent GASB standards on financial reporting
• List independence requirements of Yellow Book Identify changes in the 2024 Compliance Supplement
• Recognize changes to the Uniform Guidance

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