2024 Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here; now is the time to take advantage of this compelling new technology. Learn how to immediately benefit from AI, get started with AI, and harness the power of ChatGPT, Bard and Copilot, which are ready for prime time in business settings to help you get better results in far less time than you may have imagined possible. Examine potential privacy and security issues; discuss AI-related solutions and ancillary matters, such as quantum computing. Importantly, you will learn from practical, real-world illustrations demonstrating how you can take advantage of perhaps the most exciting and transformative technology of our time.

Learning Objectives

  • List the three major AI platforms available to individuals today
  • Utilize AI tools to help you create documents, manage email, and find answers
  • Understand the concept of a Large Language Model and its’ importance to today’s AI platforms
  • Identify ways to “coach” your AI so it delivers the responses you need

Major Subjects

  • How to get started with today’s leading AI tools
  • Examples of what you can – and can’t do – with AI
  • Potential security and privacy issues associated with AI
  • Accountant-centric problems AI can help you solve