NASBA Professional Licensure Task Force Issues Exposure Concept on Equivalent Licensure Model

The Concept

The goal is to create a long-term, flexible plan that can offer a path to licensure that would not be on an accredited transcript but is still defined in great detail. It would include an education and experience component to measure competency to become a licensed CPA and would be considered equivalent to the current 150-hour pathway as defined in the UAA as an alternative to the flexible 30 hours needed for licensure.

The Concept Features

  • Cost Effectiveness – Students graduate with a bachelor’s degree with an accounting concentration and get right to work earning money.
  • Establishes an equivalent pathway in the UAA to meet the flexible 30 hours component.
  • Protects the public interest.
  • Allows for quick pivots in the future – not reliant on universities to change their curriculum.
  • Larger accounting firms may already have programs in place that meet the requirements.