Membership in The Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA) offers many professional and personal benefits. Whether you are in public practice, industry, government, or education, GSCPA membership means far more than simply receiving reduced rates for CPE programs. It is a critical resource to aid in your success and fulfillment throughout your accounting career.

Member dues are for one fiscal year beginning June 1 and ending May 31. Dues are not prorated.


A CPA or Chartered Accountant who holds a certificate from the State of Georgia or another state or country that has licensing standards equal to those of the Georgia State Board of Accountancy.


A CPA who is a full-time educator at an accredited institution.


Person (other than a CPA) employed on the professional and/or administrative staff of a practicing CPA of Georgia; Person having passed the CPA exam or currently sitting for the CPA exam but has not received a CPA certificate; Full-time non-CPA educators at an accredited college or university in Georgia who are members in good standing of the Georgia Association of Accounting Educators.


A fellow member who meets all the following requirements: age 65 or above, paid membership dues for at least 20 years and substantially retired from active practice or employment.


Student membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in an accredited college or university. Student membership is a one-time fee and membership is good until one-year after graduation.

Membership Categories and Rates

Category Rate
Fellow $340
Educator/Fellow $215
Associate $215
Life* Complimentary (Please Call)
Student  $25 (One-time fee)

Ways to Join GSCPA

Contact Us

Keeping your membership category up-to-date lets The Georgia Society keep you accurately informed of ways to take advantage of your membership.

Please contact the  Member Services Department at 800-330-8889, extension 2986 to provide any updates to your licensure status or to see if you qualify for Life Membership.

* Please contact the Member Services Department at 800-330-8889, extension 2986 to see if you qualify for Life Membership.