The Georgia Society of CPAs - Vision, Mission and Core Purpose


Our vision is to enhance the accounting profession.


Our mission is to achieve excellence in the practice of accounting in all forms.  

Core Purpose

We achieve excellence by providing superior advocacy, leadership, service, lifelong learning and personal and professional development opportunities. 

Strategic Principles

Understanding Members’ Needs
GSCPA programs are and will continue to be designed to meet the needs of the members. But in order for that to happen, GSCPA must have a clear picture of the varied interests and challenges of our 13,000 members. Member input through such varied activities as volunteer engagement, focus groups and surveys will all play a part in helping to develop a real understanding of member needs.

Recruitment impacts us on two fronts: growth in GSCPA membership and growth in the profession. Attention to membership growth is vital to our association’s long-term health. But equally as important is the growth of the profession through the attraction of the best and brightest minds of tomorrow. GSCPA and its Education Foundation work to see that both remain successful priorities.

As technology advances, so will GSCPA. The Society will continue to invest in technology that gives us actionable intelligence and that also allows members to access the many services and benefits offered to them through a variety of platforms; GSCPA will continue the push to make membership benefits and resources available at your fingertips.

Increase in Legislative and Regulatory Presence
As CPAs our voice has a unique perspective and GSCPA strives to give power and influence to that voice. Simply put, we want GSCPA to be the premier professional proponent and advocate within the regulatory and legislative community. With events like “CPA Day at the Gold Dome” and our new Key Person program we’re making great progress at turning up the volume of the voice of Georgia’s CPAs.

Opportunities for Member Involvement
Associations are about the power of members. Through an active and engaged member base GSCPA will be able to deliver upon the totality of this strategic plan. The power of the collective in advocating for, protecting and advancing the profession can be seen through our member leaders.

Pursuit of Excellence
GSCPA strives to be an organization of excellence that is recognized as such by the profession, the public and policy makers. As the premier professional organization for CPAs in the state of Georgia, we will continually endeavor to be the primary resource for continuing education, news and information, and protection of the profession’s and public’s interests.