GSCPA's CFO Series is a convenient, proven, one-stop solution for CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs. Each topic offers eight hours of CPE through high-quality presentations and an interactive, executive-level colleague-to-colleague approach. Attend one or several events focused on the evolving skills needed for those in financial leadership positions. All seminars are virtual through our live stream platform.


October 17, 2024
🔸 CFO Series: Chief Reviewer
Event Code: LS10001 >
Instructor: Steve Boussom

Focus on one key role we all share – being a reviewer. Every financial professional must review. We review processes, systems, test results, performance, taxes, financials, timelines and progress. The spotlight is to enhance our skills as a reviewer. Are we great at listening and asking the right questions? Also, discuss a high-level overview of taxation and the newer skills needed to be an effective financial leader. At every level, we are responsible for reviewing and improving ourselves, a responsibility that never ends.

October 25, 2024

🔸 CFO Series: Advanced Profit Enhancements
Event Code: LS10002 >
Instructor: Brian Maturi

Examine three proven tactics to increase profitability: cost reductions, revenue enhancements, reducing investment, avoiding waste and taking a more integrated look at avoiding risk. We also look at methods to optimize the return from the marketing function. The focus is simple – getting the most bang for the buck with proven approaches to increase profitability and improve the organization.

November 12, 2024 
🔸 CFO Series: Employees Today and Tomorrow 
Event Code: LS11001 >

The war for talent is ongoing. Review four topics, concentrating on today’s employment realities, getting the most from your team, how to attract and retain talent, how utilizing the employment life cycle can deliver better performance and how re-invigorating careers (yours and others) can make our professional role easier and deliver better financials. The cost of ‘mismanagement’ is vast, and we discuss tactics to help you and your colleagues improve.

December 13, 2024
🔸 CFO Series: The Effective CFO

Event Code: LS12001 >

Whether you are a seasoned CFO or a staff professional, we all want to enhance our skills and become more effective. Discuss four methods to improve, including getting the most from the sales function, how CFOs can (and should) deliver much more value, new skills to develop, and how to find the time to do this. Review the value of sustainability, ESG reporting and measurement.
December 18, 2024
🔸 CFO Series: Management Superpowers
Event Code: LS12002 >

We all aspire to be great managers, even with management superpowers. Discuss what you can do to improve your management skills. The best leaders have a never-ending passion for improving and acquiring practical knowledge. Management skills can be learned if one is willing to do the work.

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