Small Business Administration - Paycheck Protection Program 

    On March 27 2020, The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law with the purpose to provide fast and direct economic assistance for American workers and families, and small businesses. Part of the $2 trillion economic relief package included the Small Business Paycheck Protection Program. 

    With the amount and frequency of information released, The Georgia Society of CPAs has created a page dedicated to monitoring any PPP news or documents released. GSCPA will be communicating updates as they become available. Please follow GSCPA’s social media channels for alerts on the latest breaking news. 

SBA: Paycheck Protection Program News

SBA Officially Drops PPP Loan Necessity Questionnaire Requirement

Source: Journal of Accountancy 

House Passes PPP Loan Forgiveness Bill, Treasury Issues Harsh Forgiveness Regulations -- What You Need To Know

Source: forbes 5/31/21

PPP Extended to May 31

source: 3/31/21

PPP Quiz: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Source: journalofaccountancy 3/25/21 

Senate Passes PPP Deadline Extension

Source: journalofaccountancy 3/25/21 

SBA Eyes Early April to Begin Restaurant Revitalization Fund Rollout

Source: journalofaccountancy 3/24/21

GSCPA on PPP Pre-Guidance

Source: gscpa.org12/9/20 

Trade Groups Push Lawmakers for Deductibility of PPP Loan Business Expenses

Source: msn 12/7/20 

PPP Forgiveness and Your Clients

Source: cpapracticeadvisor 11/28/20 

AICPA Urges SBA and OMB to Reconsider PPP Loan Necessity Questionnaires

Source: journalofaccountancy 11/25/20

AICPA Mobilizes Members to Push for Deductibility of PPP-Funded Expenses

Source: journalofaccountancy 11/23/20

IRS Doubles Down On Nondeducibility Of PPP-Funded Expenses 

Source: journalofaccountancy 11/19/20

SBA To Require PPP Loan Necessity Form From Large Borrowers

Source: journalofaccountancy 11/9/20

SBA Clarifies Deferral Period for PPP Loan Payments

Source: journalofaccountancy 10/7/20 

SBA Procedural Notice on PPP Loans and Changes of Ownership

Source: 10/2/20 

PPP Loan Forgiveness: What CPAs Should Be Doing Now

Source: 9/23/20 

SBA Releases New PPP FAQ

Source: 8/4/20

The PPP Loan Forgiveness Process Just Got Easier

Source: forbes 7/22/20 

New AICPA Tool Automates PPP Loan Forgiveness Process 

Source: journalofaccountancy 7/20/20 

PPP Forgiveness Promises 'A Busy Fall' For Accountants

Source: accountingtoday 7/10/20 

Mnuchin: Any PPP Extension Would Be 'More Targeted'

Source: pymnts 7/9/20 

Paycheck Protection Program Extended to August 8

Source: cpapracticeadvisor 7/6/20 

Trump Signs 5-Week PPP Extension

Source: journalofaccountancy 7/1/20

Senate Approves Extending Small Business Program

Source: newyorktimes 6/30/20

Small Business Owners With Criminal Past Can Now Apply for PPP Loans, SBA Says

Source: foxbusiness 6/25/20

SBA Issues New PPP Loan Guidance: What You Need To Know and FAQs

Source: forbes 6/25/20 

PPP Recipients Can Apply Early For Loan Forgiveness, SBA Says

Source: journal of accountancy 6/23/20 

US Dept of Treasury and SBA Release Revisions to First Interim Final Rule on PPP

Source: U.S. Treasury 6/11/2020 

Trump Signs Bill Changing Paycheck Protection Program into Law

Source: 6/5/20

PPP Forgiveness Changes Coming as Senate Passes House Bill

Source: Journal of Accountancy 6/4/20

SBA Releases Paycheck Protection Program Report

Source: 5/30/2020

SBA Releases Business Loan Program Temporary Changes; Paycheck Protection Program - Requirements - Loan Forgiveness

Source: 5/23/20

SBA Releases Business Loan Program Temporary Changes; Paycheck Protection Program - SBA Loan Review Procedures and related Borrower and Lender Responsibilities  

source: 5/23/20

SBA Releases Interim Rule on Loan Forgiveness for PPP Released

Source: 5/23/20

Interim Final Rule on Treatment with Entities with Foreign Affiliates

Source: 5/18/2020 

Interim Final Rule on Eligibility of Certain Electric Cooperatives

Source: 5/14/20 

SBA: Interim Final Rule on Loan Increases

Source: 5/13/20

Paycheck Protection Program Loans

Source: 5/3/20

SBA to Make Economic Injury Disaster Loans Available to U.S. Agricultural Business Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: 5/5/20

IRS Notice 2020-32 on Expense Deductions the PPP Loan

Source: 5/01/20 

SBA Releases Paycheck Protection Program Report

Source: 4/16/2020

More Information On SBA Loans

Source: 4/3/2020 

U.S. Department of Labor releases Q and A on Families First Coronavirus Response Act