Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of The Georgia Society of CPAs.

The Board of Directors consists of the chair, chair-elect, secretary, treasurer, immediate past chairman plus nine directors. The chair, chair-elect, secretary, and treasurer are the officers of GSCPA. The secretary is the non-voting member and the position is held by the CEO of GSCPA. The nine directors are elected for two year terms; terms are staggered for continuity.

Time Commitment

The Board meets a minimum of six times per year. Most of the meetings are held at GSCPA office. Board members must also attend a retreat/strategic planning meeting and all meetings for GSCPA Leadership Council. Volunteers on the Board of Directors should also plan to serve multi-year terms ranging from 2-3 years.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council of GSCPA involves, as a body, the leadership of the Society at all levels in the overall governance of the Society. The members of the Leadership Council comprise approximately one percent of the entire Society membership.

Time Commitment

The Leadership Council meets twice a year; in the Fall and again the following Spring. Council members are expected to attend both meetings. Volunteers on the Leadership Council should also plan to serve multi-year terms ranging from 2-3 years.

Qualifications to Serve on both the Board of Directors and Leadership Council:
  • Must be a fellow member
  • Board officers must have served on the Board in one of the three immediately preceding years.
  • The Board chairman must serve as chair-elect one year prior to term as chairman.

The Society is constantly looking for members who would like to volunteer to serve GSCPA as an Officer, Director or Leadership Council Member-at-Large. Please complete the form to indicate interest in serving as a GSCPA Officer, Director or Leadership Council Member.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the
 Member Services Department at 800-330-8889, extension 2986.